Lär känna Inbox Agency!

Inbox Agency är en emailpublisher som sitter i Portugal,  vi skickar bl.a. finans och mobiloperatör-kampanjer med dem. Vill ni veta vad det bästa med att arbeta på Inbox är – Läs vidare! Bilden nedan är Marco som svarat på frågorna.
Who are you and what do you do as an affiliate? 
I’m Marco Rodrigues, I’m 24 and I have worked in email marketing for 4 years.

My job in Inbox Agency is to find the best profitable campaigns for Sweden, Poland and United Kingdom.

How is the plan for this year, do you have some exiting news to share?

Expand our business to a whole new countries Switzerland, France, Indonesia, New Zealand and keep growing on our current countries.

What is the best part of working at Inbox Agency?

The team work, we are a united team with experienced leaders that know exactly how and where to lead us.

What is the benefits of being an affiliate at Adtraction?

Simple, we get the best campaigns, at the best prices with the quickest feedback. And of course It’s always a pleasure to talk with Sofia and Dominika.

If you would wake up tomorrow with a super power, what would you choose?
I never though hardly about it, but i think fly should be pretty awesome 😉